Income Tax Tribunal Rulings

No TDS on roaming charges paid by telecom company.

Payment of Roaming Charges is not 'Rent' and not liable for TDS u/s 194-I...View More

Interest on refund of excess withholding tax

Tax department should pay interest on refund of excess withholding tax (TDS) paid pursuant to tax officer's order under section 195(2) ...View More

Treatment of Business Centre Income.

Income from business centre is taxable as "business income" and not as "other sources"...View More

Premium on Held to Maturity securities- an revenue expenditure.

Amortisation of premium on securities held under "Held to Maturity" category by a Bank is deductible revenue expenditure....View More

Expenditure on outsourced Clinical trials not eligible u/s35(2AB)

Expenditure incurred on outsourcing of the clinical trials by "an approved R&D facility" is not eligible for the weighted deduction for R&D under section 35(2AB) of the Income-tax Act...View More

Payment for reassembling and commissioning: not covered under Fees for technical services.

Payment to an Italian company for "reassembling and commissioning" of the machines in India is not taxable in India...View More

Credit for TDS and Refund of TDS

Credit for TDS cannot be denied upon subsequent refund of TDS to deductor...View More